FAQs for retailers

When it comes to Deliv, here is what retailers want to know.

We’ve got you covered.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Deliv is the safe, dependable, (and affordable) fast and convenient delivery option for your customers and their purchases. Definitely. See how we deliver on safety.

Q: Who are Deliv drivers?

A: Our driver partners are everyday people until called into action by Deliv. Then they turn into fast and reliable delivery superheroes. See how our drivers are screened and who they include.

Q: How does the Deliv system interface with mine (retailer’s system)?

A: Deliv provides complete transparency for retailers and their customers every step of the way via APIs that are downloaded via the Retailer Portal on this website.

Q: How can Deliv be sure there will be enough drivers when I need them?

A: Deliv guarantees quick access to precisely the number of drivers needed at any given moment. How?

  • We seriously overstaff.

    Our driver partners are everywhere. But they’re not on the clock until the delivery jobs come in.

    They are regular, good folks, in the area, out and about anyway. They’ve partnered with Deliv because they’re ready to pick up and deliver an order nearby; to become your delivery superhero.

  • We forecast smartly.

    Our highly accurate forecasting technology assures we are prepared; interviewing and screening more than sufficient numbers of drivers far in advance of Deliv call growth.

Q: How can Deliv ensure the quality of drivers and excellent customer experiences?

A: Partnering with quality drivers is of utmost importance to us. We make sure retailers, and their customers, are pleased with their Deliv experience through:

  • Driver Screening & Certification (before initial sign-up, and yearly check-ups)

    Deliv drivers go through a rigorous multi-tiered screening and certification process before they can earn the chance to serve you and your customers as your delivery superhero.

  • Weighted Selection (with every Deliv call)

    The Deliv drivers with the best customer and retailer ratings are the first to be offered each Deliv call. The higher the rating a driver has, the more Deliv deliveries s/he’ll be offered. This is a strong incentive for drivers as well as a quality guarantee for retailers and their customers.

  • Ratings

    After a delivery is complete, the retailer and the customer are invited to provide feedback on the quality of the service provided. Deliv only maintains partnerships with those drivers who consistently receive good ratings from customers and retailers.